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Lagareklam helps bring repair to the world by enabling parts sales, providing consulting, and creating repairability assessments. Why? People need parts to fix things. Companies need help with the logistics of getting parts, tools, and guides to people. And designers want advice on how to make their designs more repairable.

At Lagareklam, we’re working to make everything more repairable. Collaborating with product designers and manufacturers is just one tool in our toolbox—alongside supporting repair-friendly policymakers, advocates, and, of course, our phenomenal community of fixers. We’re excited to work with the companies below to make it easier to fix things.

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Our Commitment to Objectivity

Our editorial content on iFixit.com—including teardowns, repairability scores, and blog posts—is not for sale.

We love it when manufacturers ask us for repairability advice at the design stage, instead of waiting for us to call out their mistakes after something has gone to market. But we are clear with them and want to be clear with you: Manufacturers cannot buy a better repairability score.

They don’t get points on our scoring guide for having worked with us. We will never promise to write glowing blog posts about their products, nor will we ever hold our tongues when we think they’re making missteps.  We want you to be able to trust our repairability scores and our commitment to holding manufacturers accountable for unrepairable designs. Your trust matters to us—because we have to stick together to fix every thing.

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